Jane Yeom

Assistant Teacher
Phone: 055-854-0515 Email: msjyeom@gifs.or.kr


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Jane majored in English literature and language since she has a great deal of enthusiasm for learning. She has worked at several institutes as a teacher of English reading and grammar. Her experience of teaching students in the 10-18 year range has developed her classroom management skills, patience, and flexibility. She strongly believes that sincerity, passion, and the love of children are always the keys to quality education. She fully enjoys assisting fellow experienced and professional teachers and loves helping the Tiny Tigers build their individual strengths and potential.

My Classes

Tiny Tigers

The Tiny Tigers Early Childhood English Immersion Pro-gram is a unique and exciting opportunity to share both the Western methods and structures of English language learning with the local community. Unlike typical English kindergartens in Korea, Tiny Tigers will learn from certified teachers and bilingual assistants, and will experience the English language through full-day immersion in an atmosphere that promotes natural learning. Through academics, song, dance, play, and social interactions, Tiny Tigers open their minds to both the technical grammatical structures and culture associated with speaking English.