Who we are

Welcome to Gyeongnam International Academy!
We specialize in small-class English language immersion for ages Pre-K through Grade 6.
We also offer meaningful adult English language lessons.

Breaking away from the traditional hagwon style by being both adaptive to our students learning speeds and stepping back from memorizational methods, GIA is something new when it comes to learning English in South Korea.

We are proud that the classes and curricula have been designed by ESL professionals in partnership with Gyeongnam International Foreign School, and continue to be reviewed and improved as the academy grows.

Students engage and learn with their teachers through proven and modern teaching techniques, from professionals with ESL backgrounds and proper certificates.

Our hope is to create a system where all learners can break out of the traditional memorization system with integrated learning styles and truly progress.

Join us!

What to Expect

A Different Way to Learn English

Native English Speaking Teacher
Bilingual Teacher
Speaking Practice
Listening Practice
Writing Practice
Reading Practice
Grammar Practice
Vocabulary Practice