Students conquer their shyness and feel comfortable. Speaking English infront of others.


Learning new vocabulary and content comes from reading funny!


This passive skill is strong in many Korean Learners but using integrated techniques, it will become important in conversation.

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Our preschool program has six dedicated classes

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What GIA Offers Your Student

Flexible Class Schedule

You can choose what schedule works best for your family. Some students like a more intensive course, while others need to study at a slower pace - you decide!

Native and Bilinguial Teachers

It is important to learn with context, which is what our bilingual teachers can provide. However, it is also important to hear the language spoken naturally and conversationally, which is what our native English-speaking instructors contribute.

Progressive Feedback

Parents, students, and teachers stay connected at GIA through report cards, benchmark testing, and regular communication. Don't feel like you are in the dark - come to GIA!






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Our Teachers

We are glad to introduce our professional staff

Kate Yu

Manager / Bilingual Teacher

Experience: International English Center, Perth, Australia- Cambridge First Certificate in English

Experience: The British International School in Shanghai, China

Experience: The British International Preschool in Seoul, South Korea

Experience: YBM-PSA, Yongsan Campus, Seoul, South Korea

Experience: Berlitz, Samsung Campus, Seoul, South Korea

Ms. Kate Yu has worked in an English speaking environment as a teacher, a teacher assistant, and as a manager for about 15 years and lived for several years in many different countries. She has had so many precious experiences from her friends of world-wide nations. She realized that she was so energetic and joyful being around children which led her to a career in the English Education field. She is still eager to learn more about the world and believes gaining knowledge never stops.

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Sandy Francis

Tiny Tigers Teacher

Experience: Music K-12 Teaching Certificate

Experience: Graduated courses in Education and has earned an Elementary Teaching Certificate

Experience: Taught in Tennessee (Music grades K-12), Texas (Music preschool – Grades 5), Japan (Preschool English), Democratic Republic of Congo (Grade 3 classroom and Music K-12), and Idaho (Music K-12)

Sandy Francis was born in Spokane, Washington and lived there for only 6 weeks, which was the first of many moves. Growing up in the United States, she lived in Washington, Montana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Guam, South Dakota, and Texas. After marriage, Sandy lived in Texas, Idaho, Japan, France, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Korea. After attending The University of Mississippi and The University of Memphis, Sandy received her Bachelors of Music Education and her Music K-12 Teaching Certificate. She continued to study, train, and take graduate courses in Education and has earned an Elementary Teaching Certificate. She also studied in France to learn French. Moving to Korea with her husband in May of 2017, she has enjoyed making friends, hiking, and travelling. Now, she is excited to teach the Tiny Tigers at GIA!

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English Language Instructor

Experience: South African Department of Education (Life Skills grade 4-6 ; Business Studies grade 10)

Experience: YBM Learning Tree -ESL Teacher

Experience: ILS Jeonju - ESL Teacher

Elizabeth has been a teacher for 6 years. During that time she has taught as a Native English Teacher in South Korea and as a Business Studies and Life Skills Teacher in South Africa. Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys outdoor activities with friends and family. She is grateful for the opportunity to work and live in South Korea.

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Jane Yeom

Assistant Teacher

Experience: Busan Choigang Hagwon

Experience: Abel Mathematics Hagwon

Jane majored in English literature and language since she has a great deal of enthusiasm for learning. She has worked at several institutes as a teacher of English reading and grammar. Her experience of teaching students in the 10-18 year range has developed her classroom management skills, patience, and flexibility. She strongly believes that sincerity, passion, and the love of children are always the keys to quality education. She fully enjoys assisting fellow experienced and professional teachers and loves helping the Tiny Tigers build their individual strengths and potential.

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Administrative staff

Experience: YBM -ECC, Daegu Campus

Experience: GnB English Academy

Ann is full of enthusiasm for learning. She studied Sociology and English Literature. She worked for the YBM -ECC English institute as an administrative staff member for several years. She has taught English conversation and reading as an English teacher at the GnB English Academy. She hopes that students will be comfortable and improve their English skills through reading English storybooks.

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Roh Eun Hwa

Assistant Teacher

Eun Hwa loves children and leading them. She is taking English education courses in Graduation school of Education, and learning a variety of English teaching methods for learners in an ESL environment.

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